MUSD Helpdesk Basics


MUSD Helpdesk Basics

This document provides some basic information on use of some of the features of this new Helpdesk.

The shortcut we placed on your desktop automatically for the Helpdesk has been updated, but if you want to access from outside the district, or the shortcut is not showing on your desktop, you can use


MUSD Helpdesk Help Center


This is the main screen that comes up when you first go to the Helpdesk site and have not yet logged in.  This is called the Help Center.  From here you can submit a request (also known as a ticket) by clicking on the “Submit a request” link at the top of the page.  Since you have not logged in yet, the first item the request form will ask you to enter your email address (it will not ask this if you have already logged in).  

Speaking of logging in, this is done by clicking on the “Sign in” button on the top of the page.  This will take you to the Helpdesk login screen:



Since this Helpdesk integrates directly with Google, you want to click on the red “Sign in with Google” box.  This will take you to a standard Google login screen where you will log in with your district Google (email) credentials (i.e. and then your password).  This is the same email and password you log in with to get to your Google email account.  After entering your credentials, you may get an authorization screen like this:


You should click the blue “Accept” button to continue.

Once signed in, your screen will change slightly like this:


You will notice that you can now see some additional forums available to you on the Help Center page.  In this case, the MUSD Knoweledgebase forum shows up.  Additional forums will be added soon.

For those of you that have noticed, there is also a Community section off to the side.  This is a self help section where you can ask a question or make a suggestion and have others comment and vote on it.  You can also comment on other peoples’ questions/suggestions and vote on those.

One other area on this main page is the My activites page.  The link for this is on the top of the page right next to “Submit a request”. 

This is where you will go when you want to check on the status of your open requests/tickets and forum subscriptions.  From here you will be able to open your tickets and add comments or updates.


Help Request Form


This is where you enter a request/ticket for an issue you need assistance with.  The form may change slightly as we get a better idea of what is needed on the form the here are the basic fields we have on it now and what they are for. 

  • Subject: A quick one sentence description of the issue.
  • Site: Choose your site from the drop down list.
  • Room: Tell us what room the issue is in.
  • Device: If this is an issue with a particular device, choose it from the list.
  • Is this an Aeries issue?: Check this box if you issue is with Aeries.
  • Description: Enter a detailed description of the problem here.
  • Attachments: Here you can add attachement to you ticket - perhaps a screenshot or picture of the issue.
  • Submit button: this will submit your ticket into our system.

Once you have submitted the ticket you will get an email from the Helpdesk letting you know that the ticket has been entered.  Any updates or comments to the ticket by our team will generate additional emails to you so you will know if the ticket has been updated.  You can then reply directly to that email to add additional comments and updates.

Once your request is solved you will get a customer satisfaction survey email from the Helpdesk asking you to rate your satisfaction with the service you received.  We humbly ask that you respond to this to let us know how we did.


We recommend that you log in to the Helpdesk to submit a request.  This method provides additional details for our team that will get your issue addressed faster.  For those of you that really don’t want to use the request form, you can still email directly to the Helpdesk at which will generate a basic ticket.  This may slow down the resolution to your issue as we may have to contact you for the additional details to properly address the issue.  Of course, as always, you can call us at x6008 (for normal tech support issues) and x6010 (for Aeries issues) and we can generate a ticket for you if we cannot resolve the issue over the phone.

Technology Services believes this new Helpdesk will help us to serve the needs of our entire district better and we ask that you let us know if you have any questions by calling us at x6008.

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