Some Students are unable to view Youtube videos


Some students are able to view a Youtube video, while others are unable to the same video.

For now, here is what needs to be done. This is caused by students having created a Youtube channel using their district email address. By default it seems that Youtube signs into that account/channel when these students go to Youtube on our Chromebooks. When that happens, our system forces our strict enforcement of blocked videos and does not work with our approval system and the video is blocked. In order to fix this, students will need to change the account that they are logged into Youtube with. This is done by clicking on their account picture on the top right of the Youtube site, selecting "switch account", then select "more accounts", and then select the correctly named (first and last name) MUSD Google account. Once that is done the student can go to the video page and it will start playing correctly. It seems that the Chromebooks remember this setting after they are shut down, but if the student logs in on a different Chromebook, they will have to change accounts again.

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